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UDX Wiki

OXDIG is fostering the creation of an Xml standard called UDX (for Universal Dental Exchange).  This standard allows for transmission of dental-related orders between facilities. 


This WIki describes the various nodes, elements and attributes of the different UDX messages.

(PLEASE NOTE:  The Wiki is for Quick Reference only.  Currently the Wiki is a "work-in-progress" and is not a complete description of the entire UDX specification and schema. It is being updated regularly and should be completed soon, but until then please rely on the downloads for a complete description document (Microsoft Word format) as well as sample/example xml & xsd documents.  )


The UDXVersion attribute of the <UDX> Root tag is required and specifies the OXDIG UDX standard schema release version identifer that the remaining UDX document adheres to.


    <UDX UDXVersion="1.23">

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