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UDX Wiki

OXDIG is fostering the creation of an Xml standard called UDX (for Universal Dental Exchange).  This standard allows for transmission of dental-related orders between facilities. 


This WIki describes the various nodes, elements and attributes of the different UDX messages.

(PLEASE NOTE:  The Wiki is for Quick Reference only.  Currently the Wiki is a "work-in-progress" and is not a complete description of the entire UDX specification and schema. It is being updated regularly and should be completed soon, but until then please rely on the downloads for a complete description document (Microsoft Word format) as well as sample/example xml & xsd documents.  )




The person or organization that is creating the Submission, Case, or Order being submitted within the UDX document.  This may be a dentist, a dental practice, a lab, or an intermediary service also known as a Broker.

Throughout the UDX the use of "Originator" indicates that the corresponding ID, name, value, etc., is identified or described from the perspective of the entity that created the UDX document or message.

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